I'm excited to work with you to make "great things"!! - Chauntelle
I'm excited to work with you to make "great things"!! - Chauntelle
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New Year, New Goals, New Me! Are you with me?!!

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Hello there, Chauntelle here!  I'm pulling into 2019 with a head full of goals I'd like to actually get done this year!  Not just in my head or on paper, or even a mere design....get it traced, get it designed, get it advertised, get it DONE !!  Yup, that's my mindset for 2019....Are you with me?!

One thing that I believe i need to do, just simply as a thank you to you for following along in my journey, supporting my small business or whatever it is you do that keeps me doing what I do; your reading this post so to me your support is present!! 

Thank you!!  

For that I will have monthly giveaways!!  That's right totally FREE to my subscribers so keep on the look out, you may just find something for FREE that you've been needing in your life!!


Want to see what's new in the shop today?!  Head on over to craftydesignbylee.com and check it out, see something you like?  Enter code: FREESHIP to receive free shipping on that item(s) today!!  


Questions and/or special orders should be emailed to craftydesignsbylee@gmail.com (don't forget to add the "s" on design!!


Thank you all so very much for your support and I look forward to working with you soon!!



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